Is Your Liability Covered Should an Information Breach Occur?

Is Your Liability Covered Should an Information Breach Occur?

Posted on December 04, 2017 at 04:20 am by Kent White

Having a NAID Certified third-party provide a routine shredding service for your office or business is a great start to protecting your business and client information and reducing your liability. However, even more can - and should - be done to decrease your likelihood of a breach and to reduce your liability if a breach does occur.

Auditors and investigators don't simply look at what happened to cause a breach, they also look at what was done prior to said breach to prevent it, and this is where many companies get caught-up. The ability to produce documentation to an auditor or investigator that you as a company took every precaution to prevent a breach can mean the difference between a warning and a major fine or charges.

The most valuable asset you have in this process is your employees. Ensuring that each one of your employees is properly trained in your policies and understands the importance of proper information destruction, is vital to protecting your business and your clients.

Data Guardian is one of the few companies in Michigan and Indiana that is licensed to provide NAID's Employee Information Destruction Training Program. This program is designed to provide your employees valuable information about the necessity of destruction and we'll help you develop your written procedures to ensure a breach never occurs. We provide all of this at no additional charge to our customers.

"The NAID Employee Information Destruction Training Program protects organizations from the consequences of improper disposable of sensitive information by employees. Employee training protects an organization even if something bad does happen."
- Kristee Ely, General Manager

The record of this training and routine destruction services is proof to auditors that you as a company take information security seriously and have taken all necessary steps to protect client information. Therefore, this quick, easy, and complimentary training is an easy choice for businesses in today's world.

Visit Data Guardian's consulting page for specifics on this program.

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