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About Data Guardian

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Data Guardian specializes in confidential record storage, hard drive destruction, document destruction, and scanning.

Our commitment to our customers and the desire to provide excellent service helps us establish and retain strong relationships and mutual trust.

As a division of Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales, Inc., Data Guardian has the knowledge and foundation which over 40 years of experience has provided in distribution, dispatch and quality customer service.

Located in Portage, Michigan, Data Guardian serves Michigan and northern Indiana including the cities of Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Lansing, South Bend and many more. Contact us today, 1-877-739-5913, to see how we can help you with your record storage, destruction and scanning needs!

Our Team

Jim White, president of Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales and Data Guardian

Jim White

Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales
& Data Guardian
Gayla Sibley, Vice President of Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales and Data Guardian

Gayla Sibley

Vice President
Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales
& Data Guardian
Donna Bourbeau, Office Associate
Donna Bourbeau
Office Associate
Michele Cripe, Office Manager
Michele Cripe
Office Manager
Brendan Jameson, Route Manager
Brendan Jameson
Warehouse / Route Manager
Kent White, Project Manager
Kent White
HR & Compliance Manager
KXS & Data Guardian
Sue Martin, Account Manager
Sue Martin
Account Manager