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document shredding

Off-site Paper Shredding Service

Our secure process assures customers confidentiality and protection of unneeded documents. Our off-site, NAID Certified, shredding service ensures that your documents are shredded securely and efficiently, helping to save you time and money. Document shredding is a smart business move. Our service areas include Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, and South Bend. Visit our Service Area page to find out if we service your area, and our Containers page to determine the right size and style for your needs.

Why Shred?

  • It's required. There are many laws and regulations in place to protect people and businesses - like you, your customers, and employees - from identity theft and confidential information abuse.
  • It's good customer relations. Without proper procedures in place, you're opening your company up to unnecessary public scrutiny with potentially disastrous implications.
  • It's proactive. Even with minimal access to information, thieves, competitors and the like can wreak havoc on an individual or business.
  • It's proven. Have peace of mind knowing that you've done your due diligence to protect yourself and your customers.

Why Outsource Your Confidential Document Shredding?

  • It protects everyone. Certain documents shouldn't be exposed to employees, such as human resource and financial information. Outsourcing means you've protected everyone in your organization.
  • It's cost effective. When comparing the staff time and the cost of an in-office shredder, outsourcing is the most cost-effective option.
  • It's simple. By making it as simple as throwing documents into a secure bin, as opposed to taking the time to shred them individually, you can feel confident that your employees are securely destroying confidential information.

Why Choose Data Guardian?

  • We're secure. We enforce strict policies and procedures to ensure your information is protected every step of the way. Our NAID AAA Certification is proof of this.
  • We're transparent. We will always provide you with upfront pricing; no hidden fees or unnecessary charges.
  • We're confident in our service. We won't require you to sign a long-term contract with an automatic renewal. We will always allow you to discontinue service with a 30-day, written notice.
  • We're flexible. We can accommodate your schedule to meet your needs, and we'll show-up when we say we will.
  • We're local. We're locally owned and operated by KXS, Inc., one of Michigan's largest and most trusted radiological service companies since 1968.
  • We're green. All of your shredded paper is recycled at an ISO certified facility where it is pulped and turned back into tissue products.

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