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Records Management

What is Records Management?

This service, provided by Data Guardian and used by some of the region's largest and oldest organizations, ensures that you are only storing what needs to be stored. This process, designed to save you money, starts before your files are placed into storage. Our experienced staff will organize and set time-stamps on your files via our software tracking system. This way, as soon as your file retention limit is met, you can request destruction, thus saving you money from storing unneeded files. This also means we can reduce the number of boxes you are placing into storage from the beginning.

Why use Data Guardian?

Data Guardian is the only company in our area that offers this level of service. We designed and perfected our Records Management system over years of handling projects as large as 50,000 boxes and spread the billing out to keep your costs low. Our experience means you can count on us to handle your information prudently, efficiently, and with integrity.

What is the advantage?

Cost savings for you. Data Guardian is committed to partnering with our clients to provide the best service possible while being as cost effective as possible. Like our refusal to require annual contracts, this is another example of our continued drive to stand above our competitors to serve our clients and customers best. We believe that great service and new ideas set us apart, and we are confident you will see that too.

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