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Storage Overview

With Data Guardian Secure Offsite Records Storage, you have peace of mind knowing your records are secure, accounted for, accessible, and stored in the most cost-effective manner possible! All of this with straight-forward, easy to understand pricing without surprises.

Save Money and Increase Security Over Traditional Self-Storage!

  • Save money! Most customers see a significant cost decrease when switching to our secure, managed storage over self-storage facilities!
  • Pay for the services you need, nothing else. We don't charge account administration fees like many companies; you're only paying for the storage of your boxes!
  • Competitive rates! We feel confident that if you shop around, you'll see our rates are the most competitive in the area.
  • Superior security and accountability. All records are stored in our stand-alone, employee-access only facility (with third-party monitored alarms and CCTV security cameras) and are barcoded and tracked using our state-of-the-art tracking system, so you know your records are secure.
  • Increase organization and accessibility! With us, you'll always know what you have in storage whether it is via excel sheet downloads emailed to you upon request or via our complimentary web portal accessible anytime, anywhere 24/7/365.

Are My Records Accessible and Easily Found?

Data Guardian offers service offerings to fit your needs, from simple storage and tracking to a full records management program from time of collection (including packing at your site) through final destruction at the end of your retention period.

  • Secure storage with record tracking. Included in your low cost of storage, your records are tracked with barcode verification from point of pick-up at your facility, to the shelf space in our secure record storage facility, and ultimately to final destruction.
  • Complimentary web portal access 24/7/365. Use our secure web portal to track your records, keep them organized (allowing department-level and file-level organization, the assignment of authorized users, and ordering of services including delivery, pick-up, and destruction).
  • Records packing. You have the option for Data Guardian to come to your facility to pack your files into boxes, label and barcode boxes, and transfer them to our facility for secure storage.
  • Record indexing. You have the option for Data Guardian to index the contents of storage boxes down to the file level, giving you a real-time, thorough accounting of the contents of our boxes. Indexed files and the boxes they belong to will be available for searching on the web portal.
  • Records retrieval. With our secure web portal, you can search and query items by as much or as little information as you like. Use the results to generate a work order for us to pull and deliver your records or pull for pick-up by your authorized users.
  • Scan-on-Demand. Need your records quick? We offer the option to pull and scan your files to be sent via secure email, thus saving time and delivery fees.
  • Retention scheduling. You can automatically populate the "Review of Destruction" date field based on your specific retention needs. When the date arrives, you decide if you would like to destroy certain records or review them again at a later date.
The Therapy Place

"We made the decision to proceed [with Data Guardian] and have been very satisfied with the off-site data storage that is provided. This has freed up storage space which we have been able to use for other purposes. We also appreciate the record tracking and retrieval services provided as well."

Bruce V.

The Therapy Place

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