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Record Storage Services

Records Tracking - Your records are tracked with barcode verification from point of pickup at your facility, to our records center to, ultimately, final destruction.

Records Packing - We will come to your facility, purge, pack, and index your records for storage. The data entry is populated live, from your site to our records management database, providing you the benefit of immediate, real-time access to your inventory.

Records Inventory - Your records' inventory information is available to you via our secure web site. Our easy-to-use browser enables you to view and update account records, generate service requests, and much more - in real time via our secure web access.

Records Retrieval - With secure web-based access to your database, you can search with query items by as much or as little information as you like. You can then use your results to generate a work order. We will deliver your requested information to you on a schedule that best meets your needs or send them to you via a secure email.

Retention Scheduling - You can automatically populate the "Review of Destruction" date field based on your specific retention scheduling needs. When the date arrives, you decide if you would like to destroy certain records or review them again at a later date.

Records Management - Data Guardian offers a full-service records management solution that organizes and sets destruction dates for all of your records to ensure the most efficient organization and that you are only storing what needs to be stored and destroying everything else.

Off-site Record Storage: It Makes Sense

Off-site secure Record storage with Data Guardian allows you to use your office and warehouse space for business, not record storage. When you return your valuable office and warehouse space to its original purpose, that space can once again give you a return on your investment.

Data Guardian's advanced record-tracking system is a leader in our industry. It ensures accuracy and flexibility for your specific indexing needs, with bar-coding from the box level down to the file level.

You're always in control of your own records with 24/7 access through our secure web portal. Use your unique password to view and update records, generate record request, search for a record, create reports, and more. While our secure storage facility is located in Portage we service businesses from Grand Rapids to South Bend and Lansing to St. Joseph.

Visit our Service Area page to find out if we service your area.

Are My Records Accessible and Easily Found?

Very easily.

Data Guardian uses industry-leading software that ensures accuracy and flexibility for your specific indexing needs.

Our customers have direct view of their records at all times through our secure web access page. Customers can view and update records, generate record requests, search for a record, create reports and more.

We barcode from the box level down to the file level, provide both broad indexing that conveniently groups your files, as well as narrow indexing that puts a file's specific information at your fingertips whenever needed.

Delivery of records can happen via physical transportation to your facility, fax, secure email, CD/DVD, or flash drive.

Is it Safe?

Data Guardian tracks your stored records with a barcode verification system that allows accurate tracking from pickup, to storage in our secure record center, to ultimate document destruction. You are given a login to our web portal to view your inventory, make changes, or request delivery or destruction.

While in our care, your records are protected by professionally monitored security and closed-circuit camera systems every minute of every day, with limited, recorded access by our trusted, authorized personnel.

Our fire detection and protection system is professionally monitor around the clock and will ensure your documents are not lost to fire.

Data Guardian is your HIPAA Business Associate for medical patient information.

Storage by the Numbers

  • A 4-drawer filing cabinet takes up 5.2 square feet of office space and holds 6 storage boxes worth of documents. This same office space costs on average $18.601 per year per square foot. That means you are saving on average 80% per year per filing cabinet by switching to Data Guardian.
  • Current estimates show that 50 to 70% of space in an office is dedicated to filing and storage of documentation.2
  • Those same estimates show that over 45% of the files in those cabinets are duplicated information and that 80% are never accessed again!2
The Therapy Place

"We made the decision to proceed [with Data Guardian] and have been very satisfied with the off-site data storage that is provided. This has freed up storage space which we have been able to use for other purposes. We also appreciate the record tracking and retrieval services provided as well."

Bruce V.

The Therapy Place

1. Milken Institute 2007 Cost-of-Doing Business Index State Level Data

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