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Document and Data Scanning

Converting a paper document to a digital image, or scanning, is a cost-effective way to save time and space. Data Guardian provides accurate and timely high-volume scanning and indexing of your files, utilizing a digital format that is permanent, with long-term technological compatibility.

A single CD can store the contents of a four-drawer file cabinet. A single DVD can store seven times that amount. Images can also be stored on a flash drive or hard drive.

Digital file storage can save valuable time in locating and distributing documents to personnel or a third party. Digital images are indexed to your specifications, so they are always easy to retrieve.

Uploading your digital images to a network allows for easy access from multiple locations via Data Guardian.

Why You Should Scan

Scanning your records and storing them off-site in a secure record storage facility is an excellent way to guard against natural and man-made disasters.

Consider the consequences to the smooth operation of your office if your paper records are destroyed by fire, flood, or vandalism. What ramifications could there be for the clients who depend on those records? Data Guardian's scanning service can help protect against these unexpected losses.

Digital images can be stored in a fraction of the space required by traditional paper records, so valuable office and warehouse space can be put to more productive use.

Digital images provide greater portability without the risk of loss to irreproducible original files.

Why Data Guardian?

With years of experience, the latest technology, and NAID Custodial Certification in Scanning and Imaging, you can have complete confidence in our ability to securely provide you with high-quality images.

Scanning by the Numbers

  • According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the average organization spends approximately $120 in labor searching for each misfiled document.1
  • A study by Deloitte & Touche found that U.S. managers spent an average of three hours per week searching for files that had been misfiled, mislabeled, or lost.1
  • Current estimates show that a large proportion of office space (up to 50%) is still dedicated to the filing and storage of documentation1, at an average cost of $18.60 per year per square foot for office space; that cost adds up.


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