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Hard Drive Destruction

Why Destroy?

Confidentiality and thoroughness are important components in the destruction of hard drives no longer being used around your office.

Proper and complete hard drive destruction is important to you and your patients, clients, employees, and customers, who expect you to safeguard the personal information entrusted to your care.

It is also an important business concern; a variety of regulations and laws govern the handling of confidential information as a deterrent to identity theft, with good reason. Even with only minimal access to private information, identity thieves and even your competitors can wreak havoc on an individual or business.

If your office fails to put proper electronic information protection procedures in place, your confidential information may be at risk. You can face fines and intense public scrutiny, and the loss of confidence in your company can prove disastrous.

Data Guardian offers peace of mind. Our secure plant-based hard drive destruction process is your assurance that your due diligence will result in effective protection of your sensitive business and client/patient information.

The Destruction Process

Our NAID AAA Certified destruction process and exclusive hard drive destruction technology means you can know, without question, that the confidential information on any of your hard drives are completely destroyed. All hard drives are destroyed within 3 days (15 days for large quantities) of arriving at our secure destruction facility. During transportation and staging before destruction, you can have peace of mind that your hard drives are kept totally secure (see Keeping Your Info Secure for details). The drives themselves are sheared into pieces, rendering the information on them unrecoverable.

What happens to the destroyed drives?

All hard drives are completely destroyed and cannot be resold or reused. After destruction, keeping in-line with our company's green passion, the hard drive pieces are recycled at an R2 Certified metal recycling facility.

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