What are you doing with your client's information this tax season?

What are you doing with your client's information this tax season?

Posted on February 27, 2018 at 09:58 am by Kent White

For CPAs and tax preparation professionals, there simply isn't a busier time of the year than the Spring. With the hustle and bustle of the season, meeting deadlines, and working with clients, the thought of what happens after is usually left until after the season.

At Data Guardian, we offer solutions for storage, scanning, and shredding for all that tax information you've collected this year and have been storing from years prior. Our containers come in various sizes and pricing options to best suit your needs. Our shredding services include routine service, on-call service (where a bin is left with you permanently and only collected when you choose) or purge services (where we drop off bins and collect them when you're ready).

Not only is this a good business practice that limits the liability for you and your clients, but it also is a good client-relations move. Regular shredding by a third-party shows current and potential clients that not only will their taxes be prepared accurately and confidentially, but the ongoing handling of their information is secure and confidential too.

By establishing a set destruction practice prior to the start of tax season, you're setting yourself up for success in the handling of the confidential information you're entrusted with. Here are three reasons why:

  1. You've Limited Access to Confidential Information
    If your documents are being stored in an area where they could be accessed by multiple employees without a log or tracking system in place, you've opened yourself up to liability if a breach does occur. Even if it had nothing to do with an employee, when an auditor or investigator looks into this, they will see this as a potential unaddressed risk.
  2. You've Established a Set Destruction Practice
    Companies that use small in-office shredders are exposing themselves to unnecessary risk, should a breach occur, by allowing the same people who are responsible for creating the information to be the people responsible for destroying it. The only way to protect yourself from this risk is to use a third-party shredding company on a set schedule in order to show a chain of custody, which leads to a certificate of destruction from us to you.
  3. It Saves You Money
    If your employees are shredding in the office on a small shredder, you can have a much larger amount destroyed for much less cost compared to your employee's time.

At Data Guardian, we are qualified and experienced in the secure destruction field, locally owned and operated, and have competitive, no-hassle pricing that does not require signing a contract. We believe that customer service is the key to success for our business.

Call us at (877) 739-5913 or visit our Pricing Request page to request pricing for your project. Ask us about our cost effective and secure storage and scanning options too!

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