Do you need a policy for disposal of confidential info? We can help!

Do you need a policy for disposal of confidential info? We can help!

Posted on June 11, 2018 at 11:15 am by Kent White

Are you sure your staff is properly destroying everything that requires destruction on a regular basis? Do you have a policy in-place to make sure that everyone knows what needs to be destroyed and when? If not, that's okay. All Data Guardian customers are eligible for this complimentary service. Our license to provide Employee Information Disposal Training by our Certified Secure Destruction Specialist is just another reason why Data Guardian is the top choice for your information disposal needs. 

We encourage all of our clients to take advantage of this complimentary service to ensure that you have a policy in place to ensure all of your staff members are properly destroying all information being generated in your office. This training is simple and quick and provides tremendous value, both to your operations and in helping establish liability-reducing measures around your office. 

Our program consists of:

  • A 15-minute video provided by us to watch in your office with your employees. 
  • A brief discussion with our Certified Secure Destruction Specialist and your staff to ensure understanding and compliance.
  • A brief set of policies and procedures for your office created by our Certified Secure Destruction Specialist to distribute to your staff and place in your handbook. 
  • View a brief video here to learn about the program. 

All of these efforts help reduce the likelihood of a breach and, should a breach occur, show a credible trail of proactivity on behalf of your company to limit breaches and educate staff. We believe firmly that our main role is to partner with you to keep your business, client, and employee information safe and we know it starts right where the information is generated. 

If you're a current Data Guardian customer and are interested in this service, contact us to schedule your appointment today. If you are not a current customer and are interested in our services, including the Employee Information Disposal Training Program, contact us today to see everything we do to separate ourselves from the crowd. 

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