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Data Guardian Announcements

3 Reasons Why Routine Shredding is Essential

Here are three reasons why having a third-party shred your documents on a routine basis is essential to protecting your business from dangerous liability.

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Is Your Liability Covered Should an Information Breach Occur?

Auditors and investigators don't simply look at what happened to cause a breach, they also look at what was done prior to said breach to prevent it.

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Here are the types of mail you need to destroy this holiday season

All types of mail, including those considered "junk mail", contain the risk of identity theft if they fall into the wrong hands.

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Need documents from home shredded? Drop them off at Data Guardian!

Whether it is daily accumulation of mail, bills, or other information you regularly generate, you can bring them to Data Guardian.

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We're excited to launch our new website!

In an effort to continually provide superior service and information to our customers, we've created and launched a brand-new website!

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Data Guardian achieves NAID AAA and Custodial Certifications

We at Data Guardian are excited to announce that we are both NAID AAA and Custodial Certified in paper, non-paper, micro-media, and hard drive destruction and scanning and imaging.

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