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On-Call Shredding

document shredding

What is On-Call Shredding?

We know that you may not always have enough material to fill a container regularly but need something to hold it in-between services. That's where our On-Call Service comes in. Simply order a container from us and when it's full, call us and we will schedule you for a pick-up. You don't pay for the container if it's serviced at least once per month, otherwise you'll pay a nominal container fee for every month we don't service it.

No contracts required!

We don't require contracts for this service either. Just like all of our services, you can cancel at any time with 30 days written notice and you pay nothing up front.

What are my container options?

We offer all of our On-Call customers the same container options as our routine customers. Just like our routine customers, you'll receive a locked container and a copy of the key to it. Click here to see our container options.

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