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Purge Shredding

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What is Purge Shredding

We're happy to accommodate small-to-large one-time pick-ups. We regularly schedule large pick-ups of boxes from facilities all across our service area. Our pricing is simple and competitive so you always know what you're paying for. If you don't have boxes, we can bring our own containers and pack them for you or drop them off for you to pack for later pick-up by us.

How does pricing work?

We provide quantity discounting; the larger the number of boxes or greater the weight, the greater your discount. Our trucks are capable of picking-up pre-skidded boxes or we can load them ourselves. Get Pricing to see our competitive and transparent pricing.

What about basements or second floors?

If your facility has an elevator, no problem! We will also haul boxes or containers up or down stairs. However, because we care about the safety of our staff, we have placed certain restrictions on how much weight can be carried at a time. Contact us to learn more about this service option.

Do you offer residential services?

We offer two options for residential services: Shred Bags shipped to you for you to drop off at our facility, or Drop-Off Shredding for you to drop off your shredding directly to us.

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