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Routine Shredding

document shredding

Why use Data Guardian for routine service?

Our NAID AAA Certified shredding services protect your information through the process, from your office, to our facility, and on to final destruction. Starting with our locked containers placed in your office, your material is easily deposited and kept safe until our certified drivers retrieve it. Then, under the strictest security protocols, it is transported to our facility, where it is tracked from arrival to final destruction to ensure all your materials are destroyed within three days of arrival.

Why not just schedule a large pick-up when needed?

On top of increased risk of exposure and storage needs, there is a great reason to use a third-party service routinely: it protects your liability. Businesses that show they consistently shred documents reduce their liability if a breach does happen. Additionally, in many cases, businesses that do not shred regularly, when faced with litigation, receive extreme scrutiny of any shredding that does happen around the time of the litigation. For businesses that shred regularly, this is reduced dramatically.

We Don't Require Contracts

We are committed to providing our incredible service and pricing without requiring a renewable contract. Simply try our services and you can cancel within 30 days with written notice. Also, you don't have to worry about price increases. We have never increased our prices and, if we do, we will communicate that with you well in advance.

Flexible Scheduling

We will work with you to pick-up on the schedule you need service, from once per week to once per month, we will ensure you are serviced as you require it.

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